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We want to reward the best companies that create the most jobs and thank them with our spending
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a simple system for a complicated economy
We are rating products based on their economic footprint (up to four stripes) to show you how your spending creates jobs and those jobs create additional spending that ripples back through this economy. It’s really easy, the more money that stays here, the more money for your company and your paycheck. - Then we are asking customers to weigh in with reviews (up to 5 stars) so we can help create more revenue for the best products that create the most American jobs!! Stripes create jobs, stars create smiles!!
Customer Reviews
A Product with a great economic footprint will not create jobs if nobody buys it so we want your help by sharing your experiences with other consumers with reviews of up to 5 stars! We are looking for honest feedback from real buyers so tell us about the products you have purchased.
Domestic Parts
First Stripe
This stripe encourages manufacturers to source more materials and components from U.S. based parts suppliers. This represents significant economic impact as it can spider across multiple communities and multiple states, creating both consumer and corporate spending. This is also the stripe that creates a competitive environment among manufacturers to buy more parts locally and achieve the highest rating within each category.
American Manufacturing
Second Stripe
This stripe puts money in the hands of workers who go out and buy real estate, enchiladas, and other goods and services from businesses within their communities and industries all over this nation. This money then creates additional jobs and additional spending in multiple industries and multiple states, the most important stripe on our rating.
Corporate Payroll in America
Third Stripe
The third stripe in our rating system is awarded for the corporate payroll that walks out as that 5:00 whistle blows, with paychecks in hand spending their earnings in local businesses throughout the year. This stripe represents the administrative staff, accounting team, marketing, design, and other employees from the mailroom to the CEO, all consumers spending money on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and every other day throughout the year.
Headquartered in America
Fourth Stripe
This stripe is awarded to American companies and represents the business-to-business spending that these companies create. This revenue represents the offices, buildings, property taxes, business travel, professional services, corporate sponsorships, and on and on. If you have ever lived in a community anchored by a large business, you know just how important their presence is to the poeple in businesses in the area.
With just 64% of Americans working, only half of us earning enough money to pay taxes and one in 5 children struggling with hunger our economy needs some help. These are not statistics, these are real people, real families that need real paychecks….
Our economy is not very complicated, follow your paycheck to your company and the customers that buy stuff from your company….. How much of your spending stayed in your economy and how much left your economy? When we support local businesses, we create local spending.
Customer Reviews
We need your help, tell us about the products you have purchased and spread the word! When you find something made in America, share it with the #IBuy4Jobs and we will add it to our site and help them sell more!
Buy Imports!
Just buy less and buy from countries that buy from us, we need and want trade but trade means both countries buy from each other. We are doing our part, time for them to do theirs, spend 50% here, 50% there….
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Our Jobs Mob is made up of people just like you who join together and move money from one company to the next. We don't boycott, we spend a lot with companies that care a lot.
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